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Just logs. Nothing more.

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What is LogPacker?

LogPacker is cloud log management service, which opens up enormous possibilities for data collection and analysis.

Why LogPacker?

LogPacker has many advantages, such as:
Logpacker is Simple


Quick start - fast and easy installation. Automatic server service configuration and data source scanning. Easy to manage and control your data.

Logpacker is Clear


LogPacker automatically creates dashboards for key metrics in your user interface. In less time you can effectively view live data with a flexible and custom user interface.

Logpacker is Fast


Spead is our main priority. Scanning, aggregation and data delivery within split second. LogPacker makes the fast data a reality.

Logpacker is Durable


Health check, backups and connection control provide high levels of reliability. Clustering allows to have high performance at high load and as a result never lose your data.


LogPacker Cloud - the fastest way to collect, aggregate and analyze log data. All your logs in one place.


Fast, scalable, resilient, high performance log management cluster for collecting and analyzing logs from your applications.


LogPacker is implemented as a service on the GO programming language. It is intended to scale a very large number of nodes and tolerate node failures. Agent running on every node in the system, auto configured to aggregate tens of billions of messages and send them to central server or cluster. LogPacker is designed so that your network and servers will handle any load.

Service for All Types of Cases

SDK for All Mobile Platforms



Windows Phone


LogPacker Support team consists of experienced developers. Our team will help you to pick the right way of development and solve any problems. Achieving Your Goals is Our Success.

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