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Main Features

Reliable Delivery
Server Monitoring
Data Sources
Data Outputs
Real-Time Search


LogPacker automatically detects and recognizes the most important software.

  • Easy to start.
  • Detailed server scanning of logs with automatic config file generation.
  • Free up drive space and save data source.
  • Scanning within seconds!


Aggregation function allows you to select message type that service is going to collect, process and analyze.

  • Adaptive two-layer client & server aggregation.
  • Using group function for equally informative messages.
  • Messages filtering & clustering in real time and passing JSON format messages to server.
  • Disk space saving & network load dropping.

Reliable delivery

LogPacker is a simple, reliable, and efficient software application.

  • Trouble free message delivery.
  • Advanced connection supervision.
  • Сlient and server backups in case of network failure or disconnection.
  • Secure and reliable data transfer between all nodes of the system.


LogPacker cluster increases the reliability, allows you to parallel data processing, automatically monitors and distributes servers load.

  • Cluster quick set up!
  • Parallel insertion in different types of data storage.
  • Easy to add a new node to the LogPacker cluster.
  • High reliability and instant speed of service at high loads.

Data Sources

LogPacker is the perfect tool for data source collection and its control.

  • Ability to work with many different 3rd party apps.
  • No need in additional plugins, the service works out of the box.
  • Automatic client and server scanning and aggregation updates in real time.
  • Support for custom data sources with any log format.

Data Outputs

Possibility to choose the right architecture for data collection according to your data amount and special requirements.

  • Architecture management for collecting, storing and analyzing log events.
  • Easy lookup service and dashboards for displaying statistics and important events.
  • Integration with all popular search servers and databases.
  • REST API for receiving data.

Server Monitoring

Easily detects errors, warnings, exceptions.

  • Full control to your servers!
  • Relevant information regarding all apps and servers in your system in real time.
  • Notifications on important events occurring in your system by email, slack and sms.